About Us

About the Owner

Ecocrete is owned and operated by Ernesto Andollo, who has called Florida home for more than twenty years. As the former Owner/Partner of Creative Finishes of Naples, Inc., Ernesto paved the way for concrete design in Southwest Florida more than 15 years ago. He has completed several hundred commercial and residential decorative concrete projects, to include flooring, countertops, walls and even furniture.

When Ernesto founded Ecocrete, he began focusing not only on the beauty of concrete, but the environmental benefits as well. (the name ECO is based on the definition “a prefix mostly relating to ecological or environmental”) Through certifications and trainings, he has extensive knowledge about each of the products he uses and only uses the best products on the market. In addition, only the top of the line machinery and tools are used.

Ernesto brings more than two decades of experience in custom wall finishes, as well and uses his artistic background to create truly unique and beautiful walls that will become the focal point to any room.

The Difference

What sets Ecocrete apart is obviously experience, but more than that, as the owner, Ernesto is involved with every aspect of every project from conception to completion. He guides you through the process and is there to answer your questions as they arise.

Experience, attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and customer service are the cornerstones of Ecocrete. Ecocrete will do more than turn your vision into a reality, they will go beyond what you believed was possible. “The only limitation is your own imagination”